The Community (for human development) was formed in 1980 as the social and cultural organism of the Humanist Movement. Its mission is the study, development, dissemination and installation of a new culture based on the fundamental ideas of Humanism and a methodology of active nonviolence.  This new culture will be the result of a configuration of an advanced consciousness in which all forms of violence provoke repugnance and it will be based on a  new conception of the human being from which a scale of values, a methodology of action, and a personal and social project are derived.

The humanist attitude*, an essential aspect of this new culture, may be understood as a stance in front of the human world in which the intention and liberty of others is recognized, and in which a commitment to a non-violent struggle against discrimination and violence is made.

 The Community promotes projects and activities that support this new culture in the social, cultural and personal fields.  It proposes personal change as a function of social transformation.


 1.  Places the human being is placed as the central value and concern, in such a way that nothing is above the human being and no human being is above any other;

2.  Affirms the  equality of all individuals;

3.  Recognizes personal and cultural diversity and so affirms the characteristics proper to each people, condemning all discrimination that is done on the  basis of economic, racial, ethnic and cultural differences;

4.   Encourages all tendencies that develop knowledge beyond the limitations imposed on thought by prejudices that are  accepted as absolute or immutable truths.

5.   Affirms the freedom of ideas and beliefs;

 6.  Repudiates all forms of violence, understanding not only physical violence but also economic violence, racial violence, religious violence, moral violence  and psychological violence as daily cases rooted in all regions of the planet.